Open Mesh Belts

From screen print dryers used in the textile industry to dewatering of food products and waste, PTFE Group belts are designed for top performance and durablilty in a wide range of demanding environments.

A freshly dyed textile dries on an Open Mesh Belt

Open Mesh Belts are constructed with PTFE impregnated coated fiberglass, aramid (or both) and polyester mesh materials that are both durable and food safe. A wide selection of splice, edge, and tracking options ensures that belts are constructed in the best way for their intended purpose. 

Belts are available in any length, and widths of up to 197" wide. The fluorocarbon resins used in the curing process are chemically inert, and the woven glass substrate provides exceptional strength and dimensional stability.

Belt Features

  • Superior non-stick surface 
  • Fluorocarbon resins used in the curing are chemically inert 
  • Exceptional strength and dimensional stability 
  • Operating temperature range from -100°F to +550°F - 70% open area, perfect for many drying application


  • Screen print dryers / shrink tunnels 
  • Drying textiles and non-woven materials 
  • Side and base sealing auto pack machines 
  • Re-soldering and ink drying cable braiding 
  • Heat-setting synthetic yarns 
  • Curing and cooling extruded rubber products, e.g. Automotive
  • Dewatering of food products and waste (Polyester Mesh)

To enhance belt strength and performance for different applications and machinery, belts are fabricated based on end-user and OEM specification with various Edge, Splice, and Tracking options. These features are listed below. For more information click to view or download a copy of our Product Information Guide in the left side-bar.

Belt Edge Options

  • PTFE/Glass Fabric, Sewn and Heat Sealed
  • PTFE Sewn only 
  • PTFE Film - Heat Sealed

Belt Splicing Options

  • Alligator (metallic) Splice
  • Clipper (metallic)  Splice
  • PEEK Spiral Splice
  • OMAF Splice
  • Fabric Pin Splice

Belt Tracking Options

  • Grommets
  • Domes
  • Silicone Bead & Flange
  • Aramid Cord